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Apr 20, 2023
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There is no correct section for this one so i'd throw it here.

1) World news is not a section that is going to be active for any time soon.

2) Awarding system would benefit a lot the forum , especially in start , boosting users to produce content and activity through the platform.

ex. Daily checkings/ Post achievments / tutorials /reputation awards etc

3) User Upgrades | granting special forum access (This can help with the privacy aswell) / 2-3 upgrades

4) Admin giveaways : Free upgrades to active users awarding them & Showing the importance of the upgrades in the comunity. Contests with prizes.

5 ) UserGroups owned by users (This will benefit the total as users creating their own small "societies" Will ingrow the community

6) Custom userbars ( For upgrades/usergroups etc)

7) Suggestions & Ideas subforum

8) Refferal section

9) Ai section

10 ) Staff team approving posts in a faster rate. Or even better letting posts free if someone is online looking around and controlling reports.

11) Forum currency system ( Achieved by posting or donating / Used for upgrades or unlocking content )

If those appreciated have a ton more.
Todays update :

- Leaks Request SF would be idea, people posting random everywhere.
- Warnings issued ( By the mods) So people will start paying attention to rules
Back with a few suggestions :

- Vouch system - People would know if the seller is legit displayed under reputation
- Only upgraded members can post publicly telegrams and stuff
- Re-suggesting free posting with a staff team to watch by
- Reputation should be clickable
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