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EASY MONEY METHOD G2A Free Games & Giftcards 2024


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Apr 9, 2024
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Easy method that made me about $3000 in 3 days. You can make way more before it's patched, it's scalable and profit depends on you basically, but $500 daily is bare minimum I think.

How its working?
We are using a Script which changes the timezone of our browser whenever we make a new order on G2A. As soon as we get redirected to the payment page, the timezone will change, which will result in our order getting marked as "Expired" on G2A's payment processor called "Bitbay", but not on G2A's side itself. So, if we pay for the products our order will get processed and delivered by G2A anyway, but the money will get refunded to our wallet by Bitbay.


Change your G2A settings to USA/Eng.

Guide; https://pdfupload.io/docs/133f8dc9

Alternative Direct PDF: https://api.discreetshare.com/download/660d4046050b15bdd5e7ff8a

How to profit?

- Get amazon giftcards and buy something from Amazon

- Get amazon giftcards and sell them for instant BTC profit on Paxful

- Get crypto vouchers and claim them for instant BTC profit

Personally I made $3000 in 3 days

Aren’t this the G2A timezone scam? The script is obfuscated, which means they want to hide something. Also what i read from web, it changes the bitcoin adress to the scammers one, so you wont get refund and won’t receive any money. Scam!
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