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Crasx rat V7.2 Crasx V7.2 Mouse on Sale for $125 or $400


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Feb 14, 2024
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💎 Crax Rat ALL VERSIONS - from Basic to Advanced!🛡

The biggest and best Trojan Apk Builder?

- What is a builder?
is a software that allows you to create applications, in the case of Crasx applications for Android with remote access

- Why is Crasx so good?
It provides bypass up to Android 13, allows you to change app size, wide range of customization and remote access functions

- What is bypass?
bypass is the ability of a virus, it is undetectable, malware with bypass is not detectable by antiviruses

😈 Some functions of this Trojan:

- Erase the screen remotely

- Send notifications

- Access camera, microphone, device files

- Delete, download, encrypt and describe files

- Leave your cell phone locked with a message

- Restart the device

💎Crasx has become very popular among Black Hats, as it is easy to use and very powerful💎

Come learn how to use Crasx Rat from basic to advanced in our VIP group!

🛡 Owner: https://t.me/orion_osiris
🔥 Seller: https://t.me/orion_osiris
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