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Carding tutorial


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Mar 28, 2024
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To get the $250, what you need to do is feed on people’s naive hunger. Broke people, just like you (and me at one point), will do anything for some fast cash. We’ll spend our last on something that sounds too good to be true. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s true, we do.

There plenty of sites that grab the attention of those types of people. One in particular we can make a fast profit from is carderscave.ru or any other site that renders to the same type of service. These sites have lots of hungry people ready to be feed a dream. Our main goal here is to get $250, but if you want to be sitting around scamming people all day, this is the type of area for that niche. I will be brief in this because one deal can get you the $250 we’re looking for.

Create an account on carderscave.ru, then go to the unverified cave and propose your product. Remember your feeding a dream so make the dream believable (somewhat). You can say you’re offering a carding service at 25 to 30% of the product cost and you know how to get ANY product. You can make it more attractive by also saying that you have a drop / re-shipping service, which the product will never be traced back to the buyer. With the drop you can tell them you’ll collect an extra $30 and reship for the cost of shipping depending on the shipping service available to the person’s country. Or you can simply say you have some *marked as SPAM* + pins you CAN’T use to cashout at atms in your country anymore because of the new atm security imposed now because of all the fraud happening.


This was just an example, all it takes is a little creativity in what you offer, then sit down and wait as if you’re fishing because someone will eventually bite.

Let’s assume you got the $250, now on to step 2.

Step Two – Finding the best selling product in that market place

We now have a vendors account in one of the marketplaces. Now were ready to start offering services and products. It’s advisable to be creative and offer something that you know you can deliver. For the sake of this guide, let’s assume you don’t have a product or service to offer. What do you do then? Its very easy.

Some market places are built to allow you to see what is selling the best for the month, week, year and so on. They also allow you to see what others are saying about a product or service by viewing the feedback of the products the vendor is offering. The feedback feature is good because it will allow you to know how often the product is purchased. If you spend a little time on the vendors page for each product, you can pretty much know how much there making every day, not just out of one product, but you can figure out how much they make selling all their products just from there feedbacks. This is what were going to use to find out what type of product we can offer without wasting time testing to see what people will buy and what they will not.

Let’s find out what’s selling the most

I don’t deal with any physical products and that is the angle I’m gearing this guide on. Again if you do have something you can offer, it would be better.

Tell me one Place I wrote sell "How to Hack FB" Guides.What I remember is to sell MMO guides and Nothing Illegal.

Proof below that does not say MMO guides lmao


The Categories I deal with are the following:

1. Fraud Related

2. Guides and Tutorials

3. Digital Goods
Click on one of the categories. The first group of products that you will see are usually the ones getting the most attention, that means they’re the ones making the most money in that category, which also means we’ve found our products. The next thing to do is look for guides in the first page of that category. Those guides are the one we will be targeting.

NOTE – Some market place do give the option of being able to see which products is sold the most for the month or the week. This can give you another edge on getting more specific on what product to offer.

***The picture and the description of the product is Key because these are the first things people will see about your product. Whatever your product is about, have a fun picture to represent the product. The picture should have the product name on it. I usually use Google images for this. Ill type out the product name in the Google search bar, then click on the image tab on Google. The first image that attracts me is usually the one I chose to represent my product.

The description is also very important because it’s what will win people to buy your product. Even if 10 people are selling the same thing, presentation is usually the winning factor to a contest. So make your description more appealing and emphasize on how well the product is a solution to whatever it was meant for.***

How to use feedbacks to your advantage.

Once you find a product on the first page of the category, click on it and check the feedbacks that customers left about the product. The feedbacks will tell you two things.

1. What the customers are saying about the product

2. How often the product is being sold

I generally look for guides that are cheap and are sold at least 3 times a day.

Step Three – Getting the same products or something similar

Now we know which product we want to start selling and we have few different ways of getting them.

The first and easiest option would be to buy it from the vendor and just resale it, but for the sake of this guide, ill show you how to get almost any guide just by asking big brother Google. The all knowing Google will and can give you whatever information you need just by know how to ask.

This will be one of the best and free ways to get all the popular guides that’s being sold on all the marketplace. Go to google.com. The search term you will do is this. Let’s say you’re looking for a guide on (face book hacking). Inside Google’s search bar, type in (face book hacking pdf). The results you want is the one that has a PDF before the description like the one on the image below.

Another way to get most of the pdf or guides that’s out is to simply download a free p2p software’s. This way is problematic because most files on p2p software’s contain viruses but you will always find the file you’re looking for.

These are a few of them.

1. Shareaza 2.Bitcomet.com 3. Sopcast 4. Peerblock

NOTE – Its best to convert each file to pdf if it isn’t in pdf format already.

Step Four – Finding a file hosting site that will give you a link for each file.

At this stage you now have some popular guides to sell and you’ve converted them to pdf. The next is to find a place that will host the files which also gives you a link to each file to share to anyone you want to be able to download it.

Here’s a list of the Top 15 most popular file sharing websites – 2015 http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/file-sharing-websites

Step Five - Putting together a winning script that will give you return customers What I call a winning script is very simple. Here is an example


Thanks for your order. You can find your download at the link below.

( https://www.dropbox.com/link/link/link/link )

The download link will only be up for 24 hours. Please try downloading it soon.

Make money in 24 hrs from now, *** 8/2015 Update ***



LEAVE A POSITIVE FEEDBACK - After you finalize your order and leave a positive feedback, you can message me and ill send you a free gift.


I call this a wining script for three reasons.

1. The sale will be finalized quicker, that way I get paid without delays

2. I will be given a positive feedback for more customers to trust that people are buying from me.

3. I get to advertise a new product.


After you start making sales, you will obviously know which product is sold the most. Another thing you can do with your script is advertise a new product. Make it related to the one that is being downloaded.

Most market places have forums, the way I get ideas for new products to write about is to see what is needed, or what people are looking for or having problems with. This is how new guides and ideas are formed.

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