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Looking for HQ Combos


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Feb 4, 2024
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Interested to buy combos working for Twitter

I need world wide data combos
No need to have mail access

Here is the way I work (If you don't like it, don't DM me!):

1. The seller gives me a test, i run the test and see the hit rate of that base agains twitter
2. If the hitrate is good we make a deal about the price and how many lines is the base in total
3. The seller sends the base and I run it in order to confirm that is the same hitrate as the test. (we can start slow 100k by 100k until the seller build trust)
4. After the hitrate is confirmed that is the same as the test I release payment immediately. Confirmation takes 10-20 min

Prices that I'm willing to pay, depending the hitrate test gives:
0.1% - 35$/1m lines
0.2% - 70$/1m lines
0.3% - 105$/1m lines
0.4% - 140$/1m lines.
1% - 350$/1m lines
2% - 700$/1m lines
3% - 1050$/1m lines

My Telegram : @DiscordTokensHQ
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